You are currently viewing ‘VAITASA’ – CAKRAVALA and AKSU’s First Collaborative Pop-up Exhibition

‘VAITASA’ – CAKRAVALA and AKSU’s First Collaborative Pop-up Exhibition

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Bali, April 3rd 2021, – For their debut pop-up exhibition, CAKRAVALA invited local fashion brand AKSU to become the platform’s first guest curators. The collaborative show brings together six emerging artists from various cities to respond to the pandemic’s global upheaval. Featuring Eko Bintang, Trio Muharam, Mutiara Riswari, Putu Surya Dharma Putra, Prayogo Yoedo and Andre Yoga, ‘VAITASA’ opens at T Lofts & Co-living in Bali from April 3rd, 2021 and will run until April 24th, 2021.

‘VAITASA’ considers the internal and external psyches of contemporary society. It seeks to explore and highlight a transformative period of adjusting and finding productivity in the midst of uncertain times. Using art as a form of escapism, the multidisciplinary exhibition features artists from different disciplines to narrate the personal journeys and experiences we encountered throughout the pandemic – working in symbiosis to produce a collection of works that embrace change.

As CAKRAVALA and AKSU work to celebrate the arts and raising awareness towards Indonesian culture, the philosophy of the Balinese tribe – Bali Aga, lies at the core of their message, where the notion of duality and balance is embedded throughout their everyday life. The collaboration invites creatives from various disciplines, art appreciators and the general public to unite through art, music, performance, conversations and workshops. Fusing traditional and contemporary worlds, the artworks and performances traverse emotions of fear and comfort; despair and hope; weakness and strength, instilling balance and connectivity amid distress. It further displays the diversity of Indonesian art, as the show demonstrates the multifaceted layers our culture possesses and how we treat it as a way of living.

Reconnect through art as CAKRAVALA and AKSU invites you to experience culture from a new perspective through their pop-up exhibition. ‘VAITASA’ launches on April 3rd, 2021 at newly opened T Lofts & Co-living in Bali. For those of you who can’t view the works in person, the virtual space goes live on on April 10th, 2021, until May 15th 2021. All artworks are available for purchase.

T Lofts & Co-living, Jl. Pengipian No. 5, Kerobokan, Bali 80361

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