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AKSU was first debuted at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2017, where its couture pieces were presented. The following year, the first ready-to-wear collection was launched.

The brand is targeted to young fashion and art enthusiast who appreciate originality, uniqueness and conceptuality that are kindled by culture, art and music.

The name, which stands for Akar Suara, reflects on the clothes’ raw-contemporary characteristic that maintains essences of strong roots and originality – the Indonesian heritage. It as well tells how the pieces would convey a “voice” of identity and self-expression.

Becoming a distinctive fashion line that serves conceptual, cultural, and innovational elements behind its designs. AKSU aims to express the art, explore the curiosity of diversity in nature and Indonesian culture while embracing the pleasure of music, all through conceptual pieces that reflect a bold creative individuality.

Incorporating every collection with handmade details, surprises of innovation and stories of Indonesian culture while maintaining true versatility in each piece. Not only that these qualities are aimed to value as the brand’s signature elements, but also in improving the awareness of Indonesian heritage.