Balance Of BaliAga

 “PATEH” collection embraces how the Balinese deeply embedded into their lives to stay balance, – on joy and sadness or good and evil – thus appreciating differences while being one and equal. Being PATEH, a Balinese word that means “same”. Thus, conveying the concept of balancing duality, as how the Bali Aga – the indigenous people of Bali – embraces equality and respect between all living things. This also connects to a Balinese philosophy, “Rwa Bhineda” that defines how two opposites would create a cosmic balance. 

Through designs and silhouettes, there are accents of strings, knots and twists, that reflect the Balienese harmony of connection and togetherness. Cuts are kept sleek and simple, with continuous figure hugging silhouettes and “balancing proportion” in the overall aesthetic. Traditional influences also include Bali Aga’s ritual; the “Pandan War” which tells about restoring peace and purity, and their “Geringsingan” textile‘s weaving technique that translates symmetry and strength. The collection portrays calm yet popping colors that symbolizes Bali’s signature tones, incorporated with diverse fabric with mostly lightweight material. 

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