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AKSU participated in Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 on October 25th, 2016 at Senayan City, South Jakarta. Since the brand was started by two fresh creatives and fashion enthusiasts from Binus Northumbria School of design, the university’s annual participation in the event then paved a way for AKSU to debut its design identity.

During JFW 2017, the brand interpreted uniquely designed garments inspired by West Sumatra and the culture of Padang – a city in the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. “Curiosity in Nature”, as one of AKSU’s values became the main theme in this particular collection, by having several fabric manipulations inherited from natural features found in the grounds of West Sumatra. The two significant aspects were “akar” or roots of a specific historial tree in West Sumatra, and a famously known species of butterfly wings in the region.

Being in Jakarta Fashion Week became one of AKSU’s honourable moments and achievements to showcase its first couture collection. AKSU’s value as a brand who strives to embrace, enrich and sustain local roots of Indonesian culture, was marked on that experience.

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