Fashion Collaboration with Lucky Textile Group

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This was one of our fun and experimental experience to have, which was a fashion collaboration with a textile company called Lucky Textile Group. The company is known for its natural production of fabrics and famously known for its textile printing. Showcasing alongside multiple other brands who also participated, the fashion show titled “EQUILIBRE” was set with a tropical atmosphere at the Royale Jakarta Golf Club, East Jakarta – on February 19th 2019.

We made two extraordinary looks; one each for menswear and womenswear. All designs were focused on our inspiration, which was taken from Mentawai tribe and their culture. We applied the tribe’s infamous tattoo or “titi” motifs onto each motif designs that were seen on all the garment pieces. Several details of the silhouettes were also designed based on Mentawai tribe’s symbolical life meanings, behaviours, and habits based on actual field research. For instance, we applied triangular slits, cuttings, flows and boxy silhouettes, and wooden details.

By futher strengthening AKSU’s values in #ExpressionInART and #CuriosityInNATURE, the show was a creative collaboration that gave an impact towards lifting Indonesian heritage.

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