Peradaban yang sudah ada sejak jaman dahulu hingga sekarang dikemas dalam kolaborasi TINEMU – Amaranggana x Aksu, dimana adanya perjumpaan suatu seni yang ada sejak lama – Batik – dengan seni terapan busana yang ada di jaman yang berkembang ini. Perlambangan situasi kehidupan sekarang pun terefleksikan melalui keadaan sungai Bengawan Solo yang mengalami percampuran budaya dari luar.

“Sebuah reminisensi akan akar budaya yang dihayati di dalam karya, layaknya sebuah pertemuan pastinya ada perpisahan yang meninggalkan kesan dan pesan.”

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As two brands that uphold the richness of Indonesian culture, AKSU and AMARANGGANA (A Batik Craftmanship from Surakarta) collaborate to merge two different but related types of crafts into a collection. TINEMU is a proverb in Javanese which means to “meet”. Inspired by the longest river in Indonesia whose flow stretches to the East of Java from ancient times until now, it has become the life of ideas for TINEMU.

The strong history of Bengawan Solo as a meeting point for people from various parts of the world, made Bengawan Solo as a connector in the outside world both in terms of culture and skills that have carved the history of civilization throughout its flow, even throughout its age.

The launch of the latest collection from AKSU and AMARANGGANA is a work of fusion between handicrafts and the beauty of Indonesian culture through batik. “Batik as a Language for us”, with a variety of beauty results of the combination of the two brands, TINEMU‘s latest collection expands the language of batik through motifs created specifically within the Bengawan Solo river as the core of inspiration for mixing culture. Then, into the form of function of the aesthetics of clothing in today’s era, that was translated into clothing by AKSU.

TINEMU collection launch was held at “TINEMU Exhibition Space – Padzzi Pondok Ulam” South Jakarta, on October 18th, 2019 (Private Viewing – Invitation / RSVP) and October 19th-26th (Public Viewing). Unlike clothing shows in general, TINEMU involved the latest technology for newcomers to immerse in the crafts using interactive features that can be accessed using the smartphone of the visitors through an application. A fashion performance that mixes traditional Javanese dance was also held during the opening night, another creative way in experiencing the art of Batik.

With eight looks from TINEMU that have separate stories behind the making of each collection, TINEMU raised important histories about batik workmanship and its own batik process in detail to introduce batik art in an interesting way.

TINEMU is a collection that has a vision to realize that even one piece of craft involves a very long process that is carried out by each individual to reach the point of perfection. With the establishment of the TINEMU exhibition, visitors are expected to appreciate and gain overall experience regarding the process of making Batik art.

Text by: Chicca Ervika

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