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Setumpak Budaya

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Setumpak Budaya, premiered on September 29th 2019 at theSAFEHOUSE South Jakarta, was one of our first collaborative fashion showcase with a local Indonesian accessory brand, Tenun Nan Elok, along with ADARA as the creative consultant and event organizer.

ADARA incorporated a live music set performance by Folklore; who played electronic ambience mixed with sounds of Mentawai tribe’s traditional vocals, followed by a traditional-contemporary bird dance performance by Ms. Wenny, which was also inspired by the Mentawai’s culture.

AKSU’s collection during this showcase was the MUGEJEG Premium collection inspired by the Mentawai tribe, focusing only on womenswear. The looks were then completed by the authentic and naturally crafted bags by Tenun Nan Elok.

Setumpak Budaya was fully packed with fashion, music and art enthusiasts around Jakarta. It was a fresh occasion that mixes traditional and contemporary feel into one collaborative packet of a creative affair.

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Photo by: Chacha Soewongso

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