A unisex design for this Bucket Hat series made specially in collaboration between SUMBU and AKSU, as part of an effort of preservation to the Orangutan community through the help from Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF). 10% of this proceeds will be donated to BOSF.

The design was inspired by a ranger’s look, featuring a mini flap pocket and a snap button on the brim to style the bucket hat differently. An asymmetrical half rounded design on the left edge brim symbolizes the shape of a “flanged” cheek of several male Orangutan, which is a physical feature that defines their dominant and strong character. The hat is also secured with a back drawstring cord that functions as extra tightening. This resembles how female Orangutans are very nurturing and protective to their child; and symbolizing their tight bond.

The total colors in the palette are chosen as earthy natural tones – broken white, black, blue and reddish brown -, with the reddish-brown being Orangutan’s distinguishable color identity. Natural dyeing is greatly involved in the process of developing these colors, along with the use of 100% natural fibers within the fabric.

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