A special collaboration series of our signature OINAN Sarong, with FYNN HOLIDAY INN. Digitally printed on bubble crepe fabric.

OINAN – The Calming, is a multi-wear women’s sarong, can be worn as skirt or dress. This versatile piece is featured with adjustable snap buttons as the waist closures and can be finished off by a wrapping technique secured with buttons on the side. There is an added fabric at the back to act as an extra tightening closure.

Waist: Adjustable to 90 cm | Length: 100 cm. Multiway sarong.

VIDEO: Different Styles to wear OINAN

Care instructions for PRINTED fabric:
– Regular washing; machine/hand wash Water temperature should not exceed 70°C
– Avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals.
– Regular drying; avoid extreme/strong direct sunlight exposure.
– Ironing – avoid direct contact of the iron with the fabric (max 80°C). Avoid steam irons.

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