In collaboration, SUMBU – a platform exploring the environment, lifestyle sustainability, positivity, and mindfulness – and AKSU – a fashion brand valuing culture, art and nature – are creating a campaign to raise fund and awareness for the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF). We developed a collection of bucket-hats dedicated to Orangutans, and gather 10% of the product sales to be donated to BOSF. For a full donation support, visit our fundraising page at
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Established in 1991, the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the Bornean Orangutan and its habitat, in cooperation with local communities, the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and international partner organisations. The BOS Foundation is currently taking care of almost 700 Orangutans with the support of 400 highly devoted staff, as well as experts in primatology, biodiversity, ecology, forest rehabilitation, agroforestry, community empowerment, education, and orangutan healthcare. MORE INFO:


The collaboration’s vision is to instill a sense of awareness, understanding, responsibility and compassion for our wildlife, leading to a society connected to nature and empowered and inspired to take action for wildlife.


The collaboration’s mission is to raise awareness about orangutans and to support BOSF protect orangutans in their natural environment.
To cultivate and strengthen relationships between humans, wildlife and the environment resulting in a healthier, more sustainable community. Besides raising awareness, we want to support the local economy and empower its community surrounding orangutan habitat. for wildlife.

The population of wild Orangutans has declined by more than half in the last 50 years, and approximately 80% of their natural habitat has been lost in the last half century.

Humans threaten their survival due to illegal hunting, illegal wildlife trade and habitat destruction from illegal logging, oil-palm plantations, forest fires, mining and small-scale shifting cultivation. 

Orangutans share 97% of the same DNA as humans, and are an important umbrella species that help maintain and sustain forest ecology. Well-managed forests generate clean air, fresh water, both wood-based and non-wooden products, and help regulate the climate. Forests depend on Orangutans, therefore humans depend on Orangutans to keep forests thriving.

Due to the current pandemic, BOSF has been closing its Orangutan rehabilitation centres around Kalimantan to the public, volunteers and researchers for several months. Despite these closures, their post-release monitoring (PRM) team is still conducting daily routine patrols in the forest and observing Orangutans with extra measures required. 


A timeless and unisex design for this bucket hat series was inspired by a ranger’s look. Featuring a mini flap pocket and a snap button on the brim to style the bucket hat differently. An asymmetrical half rounded design on the left edge brim symbolizes the shape of a “flanged” cheek of several male Orangutan, which is a physical feature that defines their dominant and strong character. The hat is also secured with a back drawstring cord that functions as extra tightening. This resembles how female Orangutans are very nurturing and protective to their child; and symbolizing their tight bond.

The colors in the palette are chosen as earthy natural tones – broken white, black, blue and reddish brown -, with the reddish-brown being Orangutan’s distinguishable color identity. Natural dyeing is greatly involved in the process of developing these colors, along with the use of 100% natural fibers within the fabric.

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